Golden Sum: A Number Puzzle Game for Android and IOS.

Golden Sum is a number puzzle game played on a 5x5 grid. You start with two numbered beige squares, a 1 square and a 2 square. To create new squares you select any beige squares that share a side, then select an empty square that shares a side with one of the previously selected squares. The sum of the two squares becomes a new beige numbered square. Then you can use the new square to create more squares, with the end goal being to change the gold square into a beige square while keeping the same number. Sound confusing? There's a step by step how to play in the game.





For Foodies: Helping users find somewhere to eat fast.

This interactive self-service app is user-friendly and simple with the goal to help local Torontonians search for a place to eat. A list of recommendations are provided to the user.
Motivation for development: The three of us love food - whether we cook it ourselves or enjoy a delicious night out, food is what brought us together.
Team Members: Jaspreet Kaur, Alexander Stewart, Jessalyn Chen



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Hi, my name is Alexander Stewart and I am currently attending a bootcamp at the University of Toronto to become a full stack developer.
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